Flux has announced a complete immersive audio creation and production package built to simplify the setup and integration of Spat Revolution Immersive software and the Reaper DAW by Cockos Incorporated.

At the basis of ReaVolution is the acclaimed DAW software Reaper, developed by digital audio technology company Cockos, widely acknowledged as a reliable full-featured DAW with extensive customization possibilities. With its high track and channel count capabilities and support for a wide range of speaker configurations, Reaper is ideally suited for immersive audio creation.

The default configuration of Reaper is something of a blank slate when it comes to working with Immersive sound workflows. ReaVolution provides a starting point and customization for successful customization of Reaper and Spat.

ReaVolution includes macros (scripts), customized toolbars, and system behavior preference enhancements. It comes with a set of actions that automates requirements for sending audio from Reaper to Spat Revolution, and works in pairs with the Audio Stream library to support any channel configuration.

It uses the Audio Stream library to support any kind of channel arrangement and provide full compatibility with an Immersive sound workflow.

ReaVolution is a free download with FLUX:: Center.

More information: Flux