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Flux updates all products to version 1.3 and adopts iLok


Flux has updated all products to version 1.3 and iLok licence management is now available.

Every Flux plug-in now features an Automation button managing the A/B Morphing slider.

When engaged , only the Morphing slider is used to control the host automation in read and write modes. No other plug-in parameter is managed by the host automation.

When Automation is disabled all the plug-in parameters are managed by the host automation for both write and read modes. The Morphing slider can still control all the plug-in parameters, but its position is ignored by the host automation for both read and write modes.

This Automation feature permits to simplify the host Timeline when automating Flux plug-ins. It also permits to control the Morphing slider from a control surface.

Visit Flux for more information.

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