Flux plug-ins

Flux has released version 2.0.8 of all its products.

Changes in v2.0.8

  • All plug-ins:
    • Morphing and toggle AB can give different settings.
    • State of morphing automation button is now recoded in sessions, and can be automated.
    • Session reloading with lot of Flux:: plug-ins inserted loading time reduced and authorization check enhanced.
    • Authorization could randomly failed.
    • Some compatibility issues with Pyramix 6.1
    • Some session reloading problems in AudioUnit, that can lead to incorrect plug-in parameters.
  • All VST 2 Channels plug-ins: Side chain and processing buttons not well initialized.
  • Alchemist:
    • Optimization about morphing slider, when morphing a lot of parameters.
    • Invert phase was not working correctly.
    • Compare function in Protools was broken.
    • Some Automation bugs fix.
  • Solera: Side Chain EQ initialization problem, at 48kHz sampling rate, for band #1.
  • Epure II VST: Possible bad render in WaveLab.
  • Epure II: Possible crash in very high sampling rate.
  • Epure II Venue: Recall of the preset A and B slot and the Morphing slider position have been temporally removed from the session and Snapshot recall.

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