Fracture Sounds has announced the release of its new Kontakt Player powered Box Factory, a unique cinematic percussion library featuring a 40-piece ensemble of cardboard boxes.

Recorded with 6 performers in a concert hall, the library features 13 unique ensembles ranging from large to small boxes played with a range of stick types and performance techniques.

The sound of Box Factory is familiar, yet totally unique. It is presented in a way that will feel at home if you’ve used any other percussion library – you can approach in the same way as you would toms, taikos and snares – yet it offers a certain organic, raw and tactile sound that is unlike any conventional percussion instrument.

Whether used as the sole percussion instrument in a composition (as is the case with all the demo tracks on this page), or layered with other drums, the diverse tones and flexible sound-shaping controls offered by Box Factory will be an essential sonic ingredient for anyone looking to freshen up their percussion palette.

Box Factory features

  • 13 separate ensembles, curated from 40 cardboard boxes.
  • Recorded in a modern concert hall environment, with 3 mixable microphone positions.
  • 4 diverse mixes, ready to use in any production.
  • Housed in our brand new percussion engine, with easy sound shaping controls and articulation customisation.
  • Innovative rhythm animator with velocity and filter sequencers.
  • Full NKS support – works with Komplete Kontrol hardware.
  • 3GB download size (NCW compressed from a 5.5GB sample pool).
  • Runs in the free Kontakt Player (v6.6 or later). No additional sampler software needed.

The library is on sale for the introductory price of £89 GBP/$119 USD until October 8th, 2021 (regular £119 GBP/$169 USD).

More information: Fracture Sounds