Moog Sub Phatty at Francis Prève

Francis Prève has released a free Moog Sub Phatty instrument pack for Ableton Live.

Moog’s Sub Phatty (the basis for their new Sub 37, incidentally) takes their Phatty engine and adds a sub-oscillator and new “Multidrive” circuits that are capable of some really in-your-face sounds.

Since I’ve been using it for close to a year, I figured it was time for another round of Moog-based Simpler patches. Because the Multidrive is so unique and the extra sub-oscillator adds textural complexity, I focused on those for this pack.

The Live pack is a free download. Requires Ableton Live 8.4.1 or higher.

More information: Francis Prève / Moog Sub Phatty Ableton Pack