Frap Tools has announced the UNO, a foldable case for Eurorack modules.

Frap Tools UNO

Designed and crafted in Italy, by passionate designers and synthesizer lovers, the UNO will redefine the quality of this products category. The mix of wonderful materials, simple shapes and highly engineered solutions results in a durable product that ages beautifully.

The UNO is a premium product designed to be the flagship in the Eurorack Case universe. The simple, yet highly functional design has been developed by musicians for musicians, to guarantee the best experience ever. All screws and folding mechanics are hidden within an extremely well-constructed case, with an elegant form and beautiful lines.

With the UNO, the user can use its current (or favorite) power supply system — each row comes with a support plate which hosts his preferred power board. The UNO supports eurorack modules up to 55mm deep in the upper and lower row, and up to 70mm deep in the middle row (depending on the main power board installed).

The elegant high-quality wood, looks and feels like no other: it will be available in different flavors, so the user can choose the one that best fits with his style. All woods are hand finished with clear boiled linseed oil, in order to emphasize the warmth and feeling of the material — no colors are applied.

When needed, user can instantly fold the UNO —without any need to unplug the patch cables — and take it with him on the road. It also meets the current airline carry-on luggage dimension requirements — an optional bag built with waterproof fabric and foam will be also available.

The UNO will be available from Summer 2015.

More information: Frap Tools / UNO