Samples From Mars has announced a free collection of groove templates from 25 classic and modern drum machines.

Grooves From Mars is the most comprehensive collection of drum machine MIDI groove templates in existence. These 416 templates will enable you to bring the unique feel and groove of each sequencer to your DAW.

Grooves From Mars

It’s no secret that every drum machine has its own vibe – whether analog or digital, they rush, drag, swing, shuffle, and funk like no other. Some are extremely accurate, and others are completely off the grid. An MPC60 will sequence your sounds like a band is playing them, and the LM1 (responsible for the first sequencer shuffle of all time) will give you that incredible early 80s Prince feel. Whatever the machine, they all have a unique groove.

We began by syncing each drum machine to the ERM Multiclock, one of the most sample accurate Midi, Din, and Pulse clocks out there (yes, it beats the Innerclock). The ERM is extremely accurate because it’s connected to your computer via *audio output from your computer, not USB, which is inherently jittery.

Once they were synced, we recorded the audio of each drum machine, programming 4 bars of rimshots, at as many quantization and shuffle settings possible for each drum machine. Finally, we analyzed the recorded audio to determine exactly where each 16th note fell relative to the grid, and converted them to 4 bar .AGR (Ableton) and Midi groove files.

Ultimately we ended up with 416 midi groove templates from 25 legendary drum machines, that will enable you to groove between the lines of your DAW with the unique swing, shuffle and stutter of each machine. We captured the most basic and useable straight, swing and triplet settings, but also weird patterns, shuffling triplets, and more.

The pack includes grooves from the Roland TR series, 3 MPCs, SP1200, Elektron sequencers, and the Linn LM-1 drum machine.

You can download Grooves From Mars at no charge (valid email required).

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