blortblort has released a free soundset for the Ronin by Audio Damage. The Number Stations pack offers a collection of 18 presets for the retired modular multi fx plugin.

a lot of delays have been released recently. I am a certified delay JUNKIE. It could be said that I have never met a delay that I couldn’t justify using ;] the ones released in the last 18mos are really very nice… but none are as …maliable…or as ornery as the delays in Ronin.
While Ronin IS capable of much MUCH more than the 18 presets in this bank, the concentration here is on …unusual… delay application.

Please download these and have a go… please put a limiter on your track when you test them. I eliminated all runaway feedback loops, but there ARE still a couple of presets that may get “pointy” depending on your input signals, etc. Better safe than sorry.

Number Stations is available as a “Pay what you want” product, so you can still support blortblort’s work if you like.

More information: blortblort