Freshly Squeezed Samples has launched DIVA Trance Essentials Volume 1, a soundset by Shaun Wallace and Jordan Aguirre from Sonic Elements for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer by u-he.

DIVA Trance Essentials Volume 1 contains 256-presets. You’ll find remakes of sounds from artists such as Adam Ellis, Daniel Kandi, Genix, Ilan Bluestone, Sunny Lax and Audien along with many others. But you’ll also find original sounds: anthemic leads, warm progressive plucks, smooth arpeggios, gritty basses, acids, and a lot more.

The best thing about this sound set? It can be used by anyone. Whether you’re after an uplifting trance lead, a soft progressive pluck, or a heavily distorted bass, you’ll find it here. This sound set is aimed at trance producers of all kinds, and is also a valuable tool for those who produce genres outside of trance.

The soundset is available for purchase for £32 GBP.

More information: Freshly Squeezed / DIVA Trance Essentials Vol 1