FrettedSynth Drum Direction

FrettedSynth has released Drum Direction, a free VST plug-in designed to be used with piezo type drum pads, plugged directly to your soundcard.

Drum Direction turns the audio input into a MIDI signal usable by any drum VSTi. It has very low CPU usage, Zero latency with a fade in of about 2.5ms.


  • Threshold control – sets the threshold where the gate will trigger
  • Re-Trigger control – sets the gate time to re-trigger
  • Velocity tracking (also Foot Velocity)
  • Linear, exponential or inverted exponential velocity curve
  • Open/Close control – used to switch the hi-hat from open to closed position also has foot closed trigger
  • MIDI Learn – used to re-map the open\close MIDI CC#

The download includes 4 versions: A single channel version with hihat controller, a 2 channel version, a 4 channel version and a 8 channel version with hihat controller.

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download Drum Direction.