FrettedSynth SoFtDrum Synth

FrettedSynth has released SoFtDrum, a VST plugin designed to use Soundfonts as its sample source.

Offering the ability to have as many velocity split samples as required within the MIDI velocity range of 0-127, multi sample drums can be packaged into a single file making loading of multi sample drums and maintaining a drum library very simple.


  • Offers 12 drum-pads, using Soundfonts per drum-pad as its sample source
  • Allows as many velocity splits as required per drum-pad
  • Includes 3 different versions: 1,6 and 16 voice polyphony per drum-pad
  • SoFtDrum has 6 stereo outputs
  • 2 groups are provided for more accurate emulation of the hihat and many other percussion instruments
  • GUI by ArtVera
  • includes 5 presets
  • includes SoFtDrum Library containing 24 drum Soundfonts

Three versions are included in the SoFtDrum.exe package SoFtDrumUlt, SoFtDrumLt and SoFtDrum. The only difference between them is the way that polyphony works. Polyphony works a bit different in SoFtDrum compared to most drum plugins in that each pads polyphony works independent, meaning that the only way a pad can be cutoff because of reached polyphony is from itself. On the up side that means no crash cymbal will ever be cutoff by a tom roll On the downside it means that the full sixteen voice version of SoFtDrum can ask your CPU to play 192 voices at full polyphony

  1. SoFtDrumUlt – 1 voice polyphony per pad = 12 voice polyphony total
  2. SoFtDrumLt – 6 voice polyphony per pad = 72 voice polyphony total
  3. SoFtDrum – 16 voice polyphony per pad = 192 voice polyphony total

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download SoFtDrum and the SoFtDrum Library.