Frontline Producer has released its sample pack Full Funk Bass 2, a studio fresh collection of seriously funky bass lines, licks and riffs.

Frontline Producer Full Funk Bass 2

The new pack follow up on the popular Full Funk Bass with another steadily grooving collection of bass samples that will underpin your tunes with low-end excellence.

Full Funk Bass 2 has a huge helping of excellent bass content in a host of formats. Loops within come in a whole host of keys and tempos, ensuring you’ll have the grooves you’ll need to nail your rhythm section. A mixture of major and minor keys is included, with inspiration coming from Bootsy Colllins, Victor Wooten, Flea and many more!

High quality electric funk bass sounds seep from this collection, with a mixture of one-shots included that you can write your own lines with. You’ll find 10 unique bass one-shots as well as a funk bass multi sample and a slap bass multi sample, perfect for providing your structures with a little variation.

Loops included play between 100-130bpm, making this one perfect for funk, disco, house and any other genres with a penchant for funky basslines.

The pack includes 136 electric bass loops (also in REX2 format), a funk bass multi and slap bass multi, 10 bass sounds and 3 patches for your favorite software sampler.

Full Funk Bass 2 is available from Loopmasters for £12.95 GBP.

Also available is RnB Bass, an all-new pack born from the collaboration between the Berlin-based producer and prize winning composer Frank Merfort and the internationally-renowned Berlin Bassist Björn Werra.

Frontline Producer RnB Bass

Together they provide an authentic collection of basslines fills, licks and groove variations aiming to replicate the legendary sound of Stax Records, Motown, etc.

RnB Bass pulls out all the stops with an impressive library of over 1GB of Electric Bass loops as well as a complete collection of single one-shot notes. Diversity is key, so loops and single notes were recorded in several locations with different effects settings. Most loops are 16 bars long and full of variations so that the user can easily cut multiple loops out of each take.

To claim that familiar warm vintage sound, RnB Bass was lovingly recorded with a classic 1961 P Bass, amped up and run through some of the best analog gear available. The result is a record perfect smooth Bass sound that will sit comfortably in your mix – and 100% royalty free!

You will sense the essence of the great hits of the era and feel the soul of this generations great Bassists like James Jamerson, Duck Dunn, Tommy Cogbill and David Hood. RnB Bass puts the sounds of 60’s Motown in the hands of today’s producers to be reinvented in modern and new vintage interpretations.

Included are 166 electric bass loops (and REX2 files), 8 bass multis, 7 slides and 4 ghost notes. The pack costs £24.95 GBP.

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