Full Bucket Music has released FB-3200, a free software synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

After the previously released FB-3100 and FB-3300 plugins, this new plugin takes on another vintage Korg synthesizer, the PS-3200.

Compared to the huge PS-3300, the PS-3200 was reduced to a single synthesizer block again (like the PS-3100). But the “2” in the name can be taken literally since there are now two Signal Generators (2 x 12 oscillators plus frequency dividers). Unfortunately the charismatic Resonator section had been dropped and replaced with a static 7-band equalizer.

However, 40 years ago the most impressive feature was the PS-3200’s program memory: The position of 32 knobs could be stored into 16 different programs! While it was not possible to memorize the patched cable settings nor the remaining controls, programmability still can be regarded as a major step forward.

FB-3200 features

  • Close emulation of behavior and all controls of the original hardware.
  • Band-limited oscillators, classic lowpass filters.
  • Equalizer section.
  • Two Modulation Generators, Sample & Hold.
  • Paraphonic Envelope Generator.
  • Semi-modular.
  • Micro-tuning option.
  • Additional tweaks (4-pole lowpass, Resonators, Velocity).
  • MIDI Learn – all parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC.
  • Plug-in supports Windows and macOS (32-bit and 64-bit).

FB-3200 is a free download for Windows and macOS (VST/AU).

More information: Full Bucket Music / FB-3200