Function Loops Stem Mastering with Ozone

Function Loops Academy has announced the launch of Stem Mastering with Ozone, a basic mastering course for all electronic music producers featuring over 1 hour of HD videos.

Tired of waiting for mastering studios to deliver the job in time? Want to quickly master your tracks to test on the dancefloor? Then take the course.

You will learn about everything: preparing the stems, working with reference, finding the problems, fattening and widening everything up, adding harmonics, using Maximizer, Limiter, EQ, Reverb, Harmonic Exciter, Stereo Imager, Compressor and more useful tricks and tips.

This course is a best way to start getting into mastering your own and your friend’s stuff + saves a bunch of time and money.

Stem Mastering with Ozone is currently available from the Function Loops Academy, at a discounted price of $19.90 USD (limited time offer), in celebration of its launch.

The first three video tutorials for the Limiter & Maximizer, EQ and Stereo Imaging are totally free (instant access/ no registration required).

More info: Function Loops Academy