Function Loops has announced the launch of its professional audio mastering services.

Function Loops Mastering

Function Loops has mastered loads of tracks for various clients over the last 10 years and now decided to add this feature to its website, where you can order mastering in just a few clicks.

No matter if you are a pro or a beginner – you need to make your tracks stand out. If you upload music to Soundcloud, Facebook, Youtube etc, it must be the best quality possible, so people who listen – won’t be disappointed.

If you are sending your music to labels, you will have more chances when A&Rs hear a mastered track. If you have your own label and already releasing music or playing at events, you already know how important mastering is and there’s no way around.

The Function Loops professional audio mastering services are available starting at $39 USD for a single track. Bundles of three and five tracks are available at $99 USD and $169 USD, respectively.

More information: Function Loops / Audio Mastering