Loopmastes has introduced a brand new sample pack from the Brothers Nylon. Similar to its predecessor, the royalty free Funk & Soul Variations 2 collection offers up a wide range of classic funky rhythms and soulful musical elements that are ideal for producers looking to add some essential funk and liveliness to their productions.

The Brothers Nylon consists of Mike and Nick Rufolo, two musicians born and raised in New York City. With 15+ album releases and hundreds of YouTube videos under their belt, they’ve been displaying their virtuoso skills since the late 2000s, typically favouring a combination of TASCAM and Otari tape machines, Peavey and Greco basses, Nord keyboards, Juno synths, and a mix of different strings and brass instruments. In addition to their work with Loopmasters, they’ve also produced content for companies like Reason Studios, APM Music, and BandLab. The Brothers Nylon’s creativity is endless, which enables their music to explore a variety of lofi beats, cinematic funk & soul breaks, library music, progressive rock and Zappa-esque adventures.

This compilation includes various samples that can enhance your music production, including the brothers’ distinctive live drums to add the necessary funky beat to your track, Greco bass guitars with groovy basslines, and a selection of electric guitars played in different styles such as strumming and hammering-on. You’ll also find electronic pianos and other electric keys, along with retro synths and scratch effects that are perfect for creating boogie-worthy tunes. Additionally, if you’re feeling stuck, the Brothers Nylon have got you covered! The pack includes song starters that can be used as a source of inspiration to jumpstart your creativity.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters