Funny Shaped Japanese Watermelons and Cucumbers


Have you ever found some oddly shaped vegetable in the supermarket? Sometimes fruits and vegetables come in funny shapes naturally, sometimes they’re specifically grown that way.

Funny WatermelonFunny Watermelon faces

From PingMag:

There’s one thing you just have to enjoy in Japanese summer, and that are watermelons. Imagine mom saying “Kids, the watermelon is ready!” And “I’m coming, mom!” A big round watermelon being cut open on a table… BUT! Japanese watermelons are no longer round! Today PingMag shows off our favourite watermelon collection and gives a bit of insight into plant breeding.

Another vegatable that comes in different shapes is the cucumber. It is put into a heart-shaped container and allowed to grow, creating the Heart stick.

Star and Heart shaped cucumbersStar and Heart shaped cucumbers

Link via core77

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