RareBeasts is selling a unique handmade toy called R-Tronic 8-Bit.

RareBeasts R-Tronic 8-Bit

RareBeasts R-Tronic 8-Bit – looks like tons of fun!

So what does it do?

RareBeasts explains:

Press on a shape and it will make a noise, it will put that noise into one of 8 sound slots, the noise will now be made each time that slot is reached. So it is possible to make endless combinations of the 4 sounds. There are 8 LEDs(light emmiting diodes) for each sound slot and 4 four LEDs for each sound. It sounds complicated but its as simple as pressing down on the shapes to activate sounds and let it take off from there.

R-Tronic 8-Bit sells for $125.00 ($14 shipping to Australia, $32 for the rest of the world).

Link via Make:Blog