Fuse Audio Labs has announced the release of a new vintage tube amplifier effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

The VPRE-2C is an authentic recreation of an early 1950s booster amplifier, adding carefully tuned features in the digital domain.

The VPRE-2C is a very simple, yet effective and versatile processor requiring only a few mouse clicks to introduce some serious vintage vibe to your signals. Fuse Audio Labs has re-created the original circuit using a set of NOS tubes and modern transformers.

The whole point of this preamp is to enrich your recordings with an authentic tube vibe in the most intuitive way. Lower gain settings produce a sound which is well-defined and balanced with a fine accent on the mid-range, while turning up the level-compensated control will significantly increase the perception of warmth, weight and smoothness.

The VPRE-2C emulates the unit’s two triode-strapped 6J7 pentodes for a rich THD spectrum and the original transformer configuration for its signature low-end mojo, adding selectable pre-/deemphasis filter and a mix control for a greater variety of tones. Another exclusive feature of the plugin is its boost mode for kicking in more solid drive and coloration.

The VPRE-2C is available now for $24.50 USD. You can try it with a free 14-day trial version for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3/AU/AAX).

Additionally, Fuse Audio Labs is offering 50% off on the VCL-25A Vari-Mu Leveler plugin. Use coupon code G9PY-7C3B-V25S at the checkout. This offer expires February 22nd, 2020.

More information: Fuse Audio Labs