Isotonik Studios has introduced a new Ableton Live pack by DJ Crystl. Featuring soundscapes, atmospheres, pads and fx, the Futurizm pack is sourced from the original ’90s archives of DJ Crystl’s productions.

This is no ordinary sample pack, I have dug deep into my personal 90’s sample archives going through Zip disks floppy disks and dats and created a collection of epic futuristic atmospheres, pads , soundscapes, risers and impact FX that I would of used in well known tracks like Warp Drive, Meditation, Deep Space, Paradise and more…

I’ve also included some other awesome pads/atmospheres from my more recent sound design files which are of the same style. Whether you’re a full time music producer, sound designer, novice or just a fan of my music- this pack is great to have in your collection.

The sample pack is priced £29.99 GBP incl. VAT.

More information: Isotonik Studios