Fuzzpilz has released Oatmeal, a two-oscillator subtractive synthesizer VSTi.

Fuzzpilz Oatmeal VSTi


  • Two oscillators with Waveform (sine, sawtooth, pulse (square), triangle, user, and “user PWM”), Amp, Tpitch, Pulsewidth, PWM rate, PWM depth, Transpose, Detune and Aftertouch
  • Noise parameters: Amp, Touch, Resonance, Transpose
  • Filter block with selectable Filter type, Filter doubling, Cutoff, Key-tracking, Resonance, Split, Mix, Aftertouch, Envelope modulation, Velocity, Filter envelope and Speed ratio
  • Envelope with Attack, Hold, Decay 1, Breakpoint, Decay 2, Sustain and Release
  • FX: Distortion, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, EQ (5-band parametric equalizer)
  • and Pitch envelope, Mod envelope, Tuning, LFO (x2), Arpeggiator and a XY Pad

Several Oatmeal users have created presets banks for Oatmeal which are listed here.

This excellent VSTi synth for Windows is released as freeware and includes a manual in the zip-package.
Visit Fuzzpilz’ website to download the latest version of Oatmeal.