FXpansion BFD2

FXpansion has updated its BFD2 acoustic drum production workstation for Windows and Mac to version 2.3.

BFD2.3 is now fully 64-bit compatible in Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.5.8 or later.

64-bit compatibility means that you are now able to use more of your system’s RAM for loading BFD2 kits when running it in a 64-bit environment (the OS must be 64-bit, as must the DAW/host if running BFD2 as a plugin). Therefore:

  • You no longer need to use ‘bit-bridge’ technologies to use BFD2 within a 64-bit environment.
  • You can now assemble larger kits, with much higher quality settings, and take better advantage of the constantly growing library of BFD2 expansion packs.
  • You can have more memory available for other tasks if you have a large amount of RAM in your system.

Please note that if you are updating from v2.0.x or v2.1.x, you must first download and run the v2.2 data patcher before installing v2.3.

BFD2 is available to purchase for $149 USD/119 EUR/£99 GBP inc. VAT where applicable until 31 March 2012 (regular $299 USD/199 EUR/£175 GBP inc VAT). BFD2.3 is a free update for all existing BFD2.x owners and can been accessed via their FXpansion.com user account.

More information: FXpansion / BFD2