Newfangled Audio has announced an update to the Generate marquee polysynth featuring chaotic oscillators.

The free version 1.3 update brings a ton of new features, including effects modulation, a new saturate wavefolder and bent 259 wavefolder, an updated step sequencer, delay warp, triplets, a new stereo panning algorithm, and Native Apple Silicon support.

Take Chaos to the next level with Generate. Developed by Newfangled Audio, Generate is a marquee polysynth combining several revolutionary chaotic oscillators with all the features you’d expect in a first-class synthesizer. Create beautifully complex pads, warm moving keys, jittery sequenced basses, out-of-control leads, and ‘oh my God’ textures.

Changes in Generate v1.3

  • New SATURATE wavefolder type is based on the soft clipping algorithm from the SATURATE plug-in, with some twists. Does really great PWM sounds.
  • New BENT 259 wavefolder type is a “model bent” version of the Buchla 259 wavefolder that produces smoother sounds.
  • FX Modulation: Added modulation targets for some of the EQ, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb controls
  • Updated Sequencer with Randomization, Pulse Width output, and new UI
  • Added Triplets to LFOs, Sample and Hold, and Delay Modules.
  • Added a new Stereo Voicing algorithm to the poly mode so single notes don’t get panned hard left or right
  • Delay WARP mode creates BBD style warping sounds when you change or modulate the delay time.
  • Subtle usability improvements to the modulation system.
  • New artist presets from Matt Lange, DATABROTH, SonalSystem, and Hunnidyard.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is on sale at the Eventide Audio shop and at distributor Plugin Boutique for $79 USD during Eventide’s Holiday Sale promotion (regular $149 USD).