UVI has launched a limited time sale on the Meteor audio effect that lets you create rich and immersive cinematic sound effects for film, games, music and more.

The “Swell and Impact Designer” plugin features a 7-layer architecture with fully customizable sounds, modulation and FX. It includes a comprehensive library with exclusive field, foley, orchestral and synthetic sounds.

Designed for and by composers, sound designers and musicians, Meteor is a creative tool that delivers rich and layered swells, dramatic crescendos, and powerful impacts. Outfit 7 sample layers with a massive collection of sounds from field recordings and effects to exclusive orchestral sessions directed specifically for Meteor.

Intuitively mix, modulate and apply high-quality effects to polish and perfect your sounds, then perform them synced to the action or musically with polyphony and velocity support. Meteor provides a deep feature set complemented with a fast and intuitive workflow, yielding everything from futuristic builds and surgical impacts to rich and emotive musical environments.

Meteor is on sale for only 89 USD/EUR through February 10th, 2020 (regular 149 USD/EUR). It runs in the free UVI Workstation and Falcon.

More information: UVI