Cluster Sound is offering Rekkerd readers a massive discount on its Membership, allowing you to get a lifetime 90% discount on all its products for just 49 EUR (instead of 99 EUR).

The Membership is not a monthly subscription but a single payment which provides access to a number of benefits including:

  • Lifetime 90% OFF on all current and future packs.
  • 5 Packs at your choice for free.
  • Access to the Freebies section dedicated to Members.
  • Extended License to create commercial audio loops & stems.

The following link automatically adds a discounted Membership to the cart. In order to get the 5 Packs at your choice for free, you just need to place them to the cart together with the Membership. The Freebies dedicated to Members can be downloaded once you have purchased the Membership.


The Cluster Sound catalog is currently available for Ableton Live only but other formats (Kontakt, FL Studio, Reason and WAV) will be released in the next few months. All the Membership benefits will also apply to the new format.

The product-line includes dozens of multi-sampled vintage synths (Oscar, Pro One, JD-800, Minimoog), electronic drums sculpted with vintage synthesizers (ARP 2600, MS-20, CZ-3000, TX81Z), Max for Live instruments (TR-808), convolution devices, 7,500 brilliantly organized one-shot drums and 2,500 techno oriented audio loops.

The sale ends on March 29th, 2019.

More information: Cluster Sound