VST Buzz has announced a sale on the Loom II synthesizer instrument by AIR Music Technology, offering over 70% off the regular price of the next two weeks.

“Loom II” is a major upgrade to the original, pushing the boundaries of additive synthesis. Loom II is ideal for all skill levels. Whether you’re starting out and just experimenting in this space or you’re a bonafide expert, the instrument grows with you.

The original Loom was considered a triumph of its time when it was launched. Now, Loom II builds on this with unique and powerful new features as requested by loyal users! Create anything from wobbles, ethereal pads, ambient soundscapes and much more!

Loom II for Windows and Mac (AU/VST/AAX) is on sale for 27 EUR through March 24th, 2020.

More information: VST Buzz