Applied Acoustics Systems is reminding its users to sign up to its mailing list to get a free Sound Pack of choice as part of its Holiday Season celebrations.

The Sound Pack series features collections by Yves Frulla, Niall McCallum, Amon Tobin, Adam Pietruszko, Emeric Zubar, Christian Laffitte, David of MixbusTV, Francis Preve, Daniel Stawczyk, Thiago Pinheiro, Richard Devine, Sean Divine, André Ettema, Martin Walker, Simon Stockhausen, Gregory Simpson, Deadbeat, and David Kristian.

FREE GIFT! For the holidays we offer our beloved playing clients a free sound pack of your choice.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED TO OUR MAILING LIST or you will not get your gift. We start sending the emails tomorrow.

The sounds are designed for AAS’ virtual instruments and also work with the free AAS Player.

More information: Applied Acoustics Systems