Samples From Mars has returned with an awesome deal for Black Friday, offering deep discounts on sounds of vintage drum machines and synths for a limited time only.

Similar to previous years, you can grab all of Samples From Mars’ products in a single bundle for only $39 USD (regular value $1,608 USD). Easily one of the best deals around if you’re looking for quality samples.

All the Samples From Mars is the culmination of 7 years (and tens of thousands of hours) of sampling our favorite, most inspiring (often rare and vintage) drum machines, synthesizers, and more, through some of the best recording equipment in the world. All of our samples feature 100% hardware processing – no plugins.

At 58 sample packs and just over 50GB, this download gives you every single product we’ve ever developed. The majority of sounds are multi-sampled one shot WAVs, of drum machines and synthesizers, *mapped to sampler instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic, Reason and many more*. Drum products are additionally formatted for MPC500, 1000, and 2500, Maschine, and Battery, and the synths are multi-sampled at every note, and playable via midi keyboard. Each product is a single file download, and we’ve also created a 1GB download that contains only the most essential samples from every product.

Bundles of all drums, all synths, and everything from 2020 are up to 88% off regular, and individual products are available at a 50% discount during the promotion.

More information: Samples From Mars