Impact Soundworks has announced that its bestselling retro game virtual instrument is bigger and better than ever.

Super Audio Cart Complete now includes the entirety of Super Audio Cart PC for FREE, bundling an additional 1000+ sounds and 7 more sound chips to the original Super Audio Cart, for a total of over 2,500 modern and authentic snapshots to inspire your productions.

With this incredible library you can easily make retro chiptunes in any genre imaginable, or morph, design, and layer sounds to create never-before-heard hybrid tones, rhythms, and arps.

We’ve also included a brand-new “ROM Expansion” bank by master sound designer Jordan Aguirre, featuring 128 snapshots packed with rhythmic and tonal complexity.

The best part? All previous Super Audio Cart AND Super Audio Cart PC owners get this update 100% absolutely free. Just log in to Pulse to see the update. If you don’t have SAC in Pulse yet, use your Native Access serial number to add it & get the update!

Don’t have SAC yet? Good news: even with nearly double the total content as before, the price hasn’t increased by even 1 cent. There’s never been a better time to grab it.

Super Audio Cart Complete costs $149 USD and runs in the free Kontakt Player.

As part of a Black Friday Sale you can save up to 30% on your entire Impact Soundworks order and get a free gift with a purchase through December 1st.

More information: Impact Soundworks