The June 2023 issue of Beat Magazine includes a free copy of Excite Audio’s Lifeline Console Lite, a lightweight version of the channel strip plugin designed to bring recordings to life with the warmth and charm of analog audio processing.

Beat Magazine #209 also comes with 40 producer tips to help you make more music, including a 13-step plan to a better mix.

How do I find musical inspiration and how do I bring my ideas from my head into the DAW? How can I increase my musical productivity? How do I make a song out of loops and how do I develop catchy chord progressions and melodies?

For everyone who finds instructions abd specialist recording books too dry and long searches on YouTube simply too stupid, we provide the best power tips on the topics of inspiration, songwriting, production, mixing, sound design and arrangement. So that producing is faster and more relaxed and more fun!

The PDF issue is available to purchase at Plugin Boutique for $6 USD.