Loopmasters has introduced ZTEKNO’s new sample pack that offers a musical adventure that takes you on a journey through time and space. Folktronica blends the rich heritage of old Slavic folk music with the boundless possibilities of modern electronic production.

Once upon a time, in a remote corner of the world, nestled deep within the lush forests and rolling hills of the ancient Slavic land, a musical revolution was born. It was a fusion of traditional folk melodies and cutting-edge electronic sounds, a genre that came to be known as Folktronica.

The Folktronica sample pack is a treasure trove of sonic wonders, brimming with the rich and soulful vocal loops of old Slavic folk songs. These haunting melodies passed down through generations, are now reimagined with modern electronic production techniques, giving them a fresh and contemporary twist.

The sample pack costs £27.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately starting from £9.95 GBP.

More information: ZTEKNO