Relab Development has announced that a purchase of select reverb plugins comes with a free copy of LX480 Essentials for a limited time.

LX480 Essentials offers four of the most famous presets (“Plate,” “Ambience,” “Hall,” and “Room”) from the original Lexicon 480L in a single easy to use plugin. It comes with signature presets created by 6-time Grammy winner Richard Furch and 8-tim Grammy nominated Joe Carrell.

A $99 USD value, LX480 Essentials is free with a purchase of one of the following reverbs:

  • Sonsig Rev-A: With Sonsig Rev-A you can dial in a specific modern or vintage reverb sound easily and quickly! No hidden settings or menu diving necessary. This is one of our best and most versatile sellers.
  • VSR S24: If incredible realism is what you are after, the VSR S24 is for you. This is an exhaustive stereo emulation of the iconic high-end TC Electronic 6000 – great for both music and post productions.
  • Goldplate: If you’re among the many engineers who think algorithmic plates can’t quite match the density and lushness of the real thing, Goldplate is here to change your mind.

LX480 Essentials will automatically be added to your order. Each customer is eligible to claim only 1 (ONE) copy of LX480 Essentials.

The offer expires October 19th, 2020.

More information: Relab Development