Ginger Audio has announced the release of version 2 of its GroundControl ROOM in-the-box audio hub which offer audio routing and monitoring for macOS.

GroundControl ROOM is the next generation of the traditional Control Room section.

A software-based control room that lets you calibrate your speakers and headphones and simplifies your routing through all your system sound, without compromising the audio quality. GroundControl Room is the first all in the box control room section with perfect digital fidelity.

GroundControl ROOM V2 features

  • 2 input sources – A/B test your mix to compare with your reference from any source such as Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, or YouTube.
  • Use your favorite AU plugins. You can add them to any GroundControl ROOM output, input, or main section. Add powerful room correction and simulation software from IK Multimedia ARC, Sonarworks, Steven Slate VSX system, and others.
  • LUFS & True Peak meters on every input and output.
  • Flip L/R, phase inverse, stereo vs mono image, mid vs sides image.
  • Panning with versatile pan law options.
  • Volume / mute / Dim controllers.
  • Reference level presets, listen to your mix/music in your favorite levels.
  • Double precision floating point processing for extremely high fidelity audio sound.
  • Master clock sync capabilities.

GroundControl ROOM for macOS 10.14 or newer is free to download. The Pro version comes with additional features, including 5 inputs and outputs including talkback input source, TB and Cue channels, MIDI and Hotkeys, GroundControl devices, and NDI integration (coming in fall 2022). It is on sale for a limited time intro price of $79 USD. A 14-day free trial is available to try GroundControl ROOM.

More information: Ginger Audio