Auburn Sounds has announced the release of its new Renegate audio plugin, a full-band gate that offers of smooth, natural sound.

Auburn Sounds Renegade

Gate/Expander plug-ins are indispensable tools for mix clarity and cleaning up recorded sources.

Renegate is a full-band adaptive Gate plug-in that is particularly quick to operate and gives excellent results (VST 2.4 / VST3 / AU / AAX / LV2 for macOS, Linux, and Windows).

Renegate (as all of Auburn Sounds plug-ins) comes with a Free Edition that can be used without time-limit, and also with a paid version with uncommon additional features.

Renegade features

  • Attack / Hold / Release / Threshold / Mix (quantity of gating).
  • Quick operation with much visual feedback.
  • Adapative Program-Dependent auto-hysteresis and auto-release.
  • 43 band psychoacoustic auditory model for human-like loudness detection.

On sale for $29 USD (regular $39 USD), the full version adds alternative VCA modes (LP and HP), oversampling, a built-in 16-steps sequencer, and a Raw vs Smooth knob to get back digital grit when needed.


Auburn Sounds is kindly offering some licenses of the full version!

Three lucky Rekkerd readers will be chosen at random from anyone who leaves a comment below before Monday August 17th, 1pm CET. Good luck!

More information: Auburn Sounds