Lese has introduced its latest audio effect plugin Glow, a “fragmentation engine” featuring 3 granular engines, 3 post-processing effects, and 4 modulators.

Filled with what you would expect from a granular effect, Glow takes it further, with feedback, externally controllable retriggering, and, through the use of a clever optimization technique, mass granulation, allowing for up to 150 grains to be processed at once.

Glow features three grain engines, three slots for effects post-granulation, four highly customizable modulators, and three dimensions of macro control. This allows you to create highly complex patches, perfect for anything from subtle glitchy background effects, to blurred atmospheres with enough detail to take center stage in your productions.

Glow features

  • 3 individually operated granular engines:
    • Internally / externally controllable buffer freeze + retrigger system.
    • Engine feedback system.
    • Multimethod granular processing.
  • Multieffect postprocessor.
  • Multidimensional macro controller & interface.
  • 4 highly editable modulators.
  • Vectorized, resizable interface.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU), Glow is priced $55 USD. A free demo version is available to try Glow.

More information: Lese