Gobbler has announced the release of its mobile app for iOS.

Gobbler for iOS allows you to manage your Gobbler account remotely. If you use Gobbler as part of your audio production workflow you will love this app as you will now be able to send projects while you are away from your computer.

Gobbler for iOS features

  • Your projects with you, everywhere: You can log into Gobbler at any time from anywhere, and locate the whereabouts and details of any cataloged project in seconds.
  • Remote file access: Access your files that have been backed up to Gobbler from wherever you are.
  • Remote file transfers: Transfer files directly from your Gobbler account using the mobile application.
  • No limits on transfer size or file types: Whatever your file size or type, Gobbler can send it.

Gobbler for iOS is a free download at the iTunes App Store.

More information: Gobbler