GoranGrooves has announced an update to all of its 15 sampled drum instruments in the Handy Drums series for Windows and Mac.

Version 1.4.0 comes with AAX versions, allowing users to use all Handy Drums plugins inside Pro Tools, in addition to the VST, AU, and standalone versions for both Windows and Mac.

The update also brings several significant updates, such as Apple silicon M1/M2 native support allowing use on both Intel and Apple silicon Macs. Free Trial with full functionalities has been introduced for all Sampled Instruments.

The plugins add several new features and functionalities aimed at further streamlining usability while staying within the concept of simplicity.

  • New Percussion Tab in all plugins now includes finger snaps and metronome samples.
  • New Drums Subgroup with dedicated volume control and meter allows easier balancing of drums vs. percussion.
  • Variable Hats CC4 can now be assigned to any CC using either Midi Learn or by manual selection. The animated Hi-Hats icon and virtual mod wheel represent the variable hat movements.
  • Drum Mapping “Note Learn” has been introduced, enabling users to assign any note to any component by a “select and strike key” method. The process is aided by a “note indicator,” which illuminates next to the sound being triggered. A panel indicating which key or CC is triggered by the MIDI controller is available at the top of the GUI.
  • New Preset Manager allows saving of the complete plugin’s state.
  • Performance improvement with Encapsulated Round Robin groups triggers a different sample each time a component is triggered, independent of any other component in the instrument.
  • Default levels of individual components have been adjusted to improve the kit’s overall balance.
  • Hi Hat decay time has been tweaked to make the transition from open to closed hat sound more natural.
  • GUI improvements include the Main Output Meter and Expandable Panel for subgroups with further tweaks to initial overlay, notifications, dropdown menus, panels, and buttons. Users will also notice an additional Zoom Setting on the main panel allowing those on smaller screens more effortless adjustment on first start-up. Serial No is now hidden by default.

Version 1.4.0 has fixes on issue with multi-out on all instruments, which now also works in FL Studio. The master fader has been reconnected, and illogical Midi Learn functions have been removed. The new version also brings some rebranding changes with Ballad Rock, now called Power Rock, and Vintage Ludwig, renamed Vintage Standard.

Users who have previously purchased Handy Drums Sampled Instruments can upgrade free of charge and get free access to the new AAX versions for Pro Tools.

The instruments are available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac, with instruments on sale at discounted prices ranging from $20 USD to $49 USD per instrument.

Existing users of individual instruments wishing to upgrade to the entire Producer Collection (all 15 instruments) are given credit on their previous instrument purchases up to $150 USD.

More information: GoranGrooves Library