Time+Space has announced the release of the new DRONAR Distorchestra instrument library for Kontakt by Gothic Instruments.

This new DRONAR series title lets you experience a totally different kind of orchestra.

Harking back to the epic cinematic sound of their popular first DRONAR ‘Hybrid’ module, Gothic Instruments Distorchestra for the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler features orchestral samples including Strings, Brass and Woodwinds from leading professional session players.

All sounds have been processed by sound design genius Alessandro Camnasio (Aquaman, Us, Fantastic Beasts) to create an infinity of complex, organic pad textures. The sounds range from beautiful and emotional to tense and horrific, but they are always expressive, cinematic and the highest possible quality.

In DRONAR’s glorious engine, 8 separate sound sources are animated and brought to life by independent arpeggiators and modulations to conjure an otherworldly, evolving synth engine.

DRONAR Distorchestra features

  • 200+ premium presets hand-crafted by experienced sound designers.
  • 5GB core library.
  • Powered by the award-winning updated DRONAR Engine.
  • A one of a kind, processed orchestra at your fingertips.
  • Sound library includes brass, string and woodwind performances from leading professional session players.
  • 6 pages of simple controls deliver infinite creative potential.
  • Save time on creating complex soundscapes which would normally take hours to create.
  • Super low loading times with new snapshots system.

DRONAR Distorchestra for Kontakt (full version) is available at the Best Service store and from Pulse Audio at a 20% intro discount for a limited time. Existing Gothic Instrument users can take advantage of their 20% off loyalty discount on top.

The Gothic Instruments Complete Bundle and the Gothic Instruments DRONAR Bundle both now include DRONAR Distorchestra as well.