Gowler Music has introduced its latest royalty free sample pack Glitch, a collection of 235 glitch sounds.

We’ve used a number of production tricks and VST processors to create a wide range of drum beats, vocal loops, sound effects and more. Some sounds have been subtly glitched to create intricate textures. While others have been completely obliterated, creating waves of awesome electronically mangled sound.

As always, the loops have been created and edited in our professional studio and are tempo and key-labeled where appropriate. All the samples in this sample pack are 100% royalty free and you can check out the taster track to see how these sounds can be used in a short piece of music.

Also available is Movie Dialogue Anthology, featuring 194 samples sourced from old public domain films under the Creative Commons license.

We’ve cut up three separate movies, de-noised and re-mastered each sound to create a functional set of vocal samples that still maintain 100% of their original authenticity. On top of the individual dialogue samples, we’ve also included sound effects (gun fights, sirens, telephone etc.) and a number of vocal cuts which are loopable and BPM labeled.

Lastly, Micro Sample Packs 9​-​12 brings well over 100 samples from 4 smaller collections. It includes music box recordings processed and twisted to create a series of experimental loops, short guitar feedback loops recorded using a Les Paul and Boss Katana, noisy sound effect loops created with a Korg Monotron Delay, and glockenspiel loops processed and mangled to make them sound very strange.

Glitch and Movie Dialogue Anthology are available to download for £2 GBP each, while Micro Sample Packs 9​-​12 is a “pay what you like” download, including free.

More information: Gowler Music