GPU Audio has announced the release of a free Impulse Response pack for use in your musical productions, courtesy of its recent IR Competition. The pack contains 50 IRs from a huge range of sources, using inventive impulse capture techniques, with the winning entries selected for their creativity and ingenuity.

Every IR was created by GPU Audio’s talented community, with the top 6 entries sharing over $6k USD in prizes from AMD, NVIDIA, Sonible, Bedroom Producer Blog, MusicByLukas and PresentDayProduction. Prizes included a top spec Music Production Laptop, two high end GPUs, free software, sample packs, track mastering and more.

The pack is available to use royalty-free, and was chosen from over 200 entries which came in for the competition from entrants all over the world. The free pack includes the sounds of large spaces such as Churches, Halls, and Rooms, as well as more off-the-wall, but highly usable sounds of someone’s pharynx, a rotary telephone speaker, metallic tanks, ribbon microphones, digital modular effects and much more.

The free pack can be used in a multitude of DAWs which have convolution plugins, and with GPU Audio’s GPU-powered Fireverb<, which was released for free as part of the Space & Time bundle last month.

The IR pack is available to download by signing up to the GPU Audio website.

GPU Audio will host the Innovation Lounge at NAMM on April 13-15th, at booth #15000 ACC North, Level 1, in Anaheim, CA. The Innovation Lounge will explore the future of audio alongside Genelec, Splice, Vienna Symphonic Library, Mach1, MNTRA and Qosmo – with presentations, panels, and live performances featuring Richard Devine, Sylvia Massy, Pensados Place, and many more.

More information: GPU Audio