Flintpope has released a new free VST instrument. In celebration of gaining followers at Flintet’s Spotify you can now download a Short Marimba rompler instrument for free.

Hey! Very impressed with the click-through on the last mailout. Flintet have gained 56 followers and 70 listeners in a week so a big thanks to you for helping. Yes, it’s small-scale stuff but I’m thinking about acorns here.

As a gift back I’ve made a simple, no-frills four octave Marimba plug-in for free.

The plugin has just a few controls for pitch, left/right balance, room reverb and master volume. The Short Marimba is available in VST/AU plugin format for Windows and Mac with support for 32 and 64-bit.

You can download it from the Flintpope website, where you’ll also find free Reaktor ensembles and samples as well as some more low priced $1 USD plugins.

More information: Flintpope