Multiton Bits has announced that you can download its re-Kawai R-50e sample pack for free for until January 1st!

Multiton Bits re-Kawai R50e

Retailing at $15 USD, the sample pack features the sounds of the late ’80s Japanese drum machine, which also comes with slap-bass and synth sounds.

With our Re-Kawai R-50e sample pack we tried to capture a spirit of this groovebox used in nuomerous tracks and movies at the time, while today it is still used mostly in Manga production.

We sampled all 40 distinctive, raw and gritty, sounds of this machine, and not just that, we have also produced 64 full loops and 64 steams (kick, hats, claps, bass, stabs, melodies) that you can easily combine or produce new loops with our ready to use Ableton Live template. Sounds of R-50e can be useful in various genres, from techno, house and disco to electronica, industrial, pop music and more.

The collection also includes an Ableton Live project, Native Instruments Kontakt and Battery patches, as well as WAV and REX2 formats.

All you need to do is subscribe to the Multiton Bits newsletter to receive your free copy of the sample pack. Also, for every pack purchased until January 1st you will get another one of your choice for free.

More information: Multiton Bits