Joué has announced that its new Grand Fretboard module for the Joué controller is now available on its shop.

The Grand Fretboard module offers a unique playing experience, inspired by traditional instruments and paired with a selection of sounds from the UVI catalog.

Sensitive to velocity, vibrato and bending, the silicone strings express all of the playing nuances a musician could dream of. The optimized design of the frets enables finger sliding on the strips, and the introduction of the “fretless” mode opens new playing possibilities, notably for acoustic sounds.

To this end, the 2 configurable buttons allow the quick activation of the fretless mode in order to alternate the tonal and free play phases. Moreover, the MPE Compatibility enables an incomparable expressiveness, as several notes can evolve independently of each other.

The Grand Fretboard costs 39 EUR. It also comes free bundled with the Joué board as the Grand Fretboard Pack, priced at 399 EUR until August 5th, 2019 (regular 438 EUR).

More information: Joué