Greynote Music has announced the release of VASP, a virtual instrument that offers a collection of real vintage analog synth samples wrapped in a straightforward plugin interface.

Greynote Music VASP feat

VASP was created with the intention to allow anyone to experience the use of real vintage analog synth tones in their modern setup.

VASP does not feature any digital filter or modulation effects. Instead, the samples feature the original real analog filters and chorus effects recorded straight from a vintage analog synthesizer. All samples are originally programmed and recorded by Greynote Music.

In addition, the samples are fully multi-sampled. This means each note has been sampled individually. To achieve even more realism, a round robin playback engine has been added as well.

VASP comes with a gain, attack and release control and poly/mono/legato playback modes.

VASP is available in two volumes of 8 instruments each, priced at 4 EUR each, or as a free download via social share. Currently Mac AU only, Windows VST is coming soon.

More information: Greynote Music