GSi Key Performer (preview)

GSi has announced Key Performer, a plug-in specifically designed for keyboardists.

Key Performer is a plugin made for the giggin’ keyboardist who needs a specific set of classic sounds that fit all music genres, from pianos to organ, from electric pianos to synths.

Key Performer features

  • 6 different sound engines:
    • sample playback (a ROMpler) used for many different sounds;
    • two physical modeling electric pianos (tines and reeds, derived from MrRay73 and MrTramp);
    • a DX classic e-piano sound in pure phase modulation synthesis;
    • a small virtual analog synthesizer;
    • a tonewheel organ simulator derived from VB3.
  • 4 effects slots with tremolo, auto-pan, wha-wha, phaser, chorus, flanger, echo, delay, reverb, amp simulations, etc.
  • Expand the sound packs with future releases of new soundsets.

Key Performer should be available soon, with an introductory offer for 1 month, and special discounts for registered users of VB3, MrRay73mk2, EG70 or ZD6.

Visit GSi for more information.