GTG Synths has released GTG DS 7 and GTG MicroOrgan MK III, two freeware VSTi plugins.

GTG DS 7 is a drumsynth, alternative to FreeDrum. This one has a much improved sound, more punch and depht. Multiple outputs and test button for each sound.


  • PLAY buttons to audition drum sounds. (In some hosts activating PLAY buttons whilst recording will record event data, not note data)
  • Multiple outputs: If your host supports multiple outputs, the OUT buttons (click and drag) should be used to assign a mixer output track for one or more drum sound (six outputs total)
  • Auto mute: Closed hi-hat mutes open hi-hat if the open hi-hat key is released before hitting the closed hi-hat key (this is not the case with overlapping notes)
  • MIDI Implementation chart included

In hosts like FL Studio, you will have to assign the drum synth to mixer output track 1 from the instrument channel settings. This will enable a routing to the succeeding mixer tracks 1-6 instead of the default setting that routes to the Master track.

GTG MicroOrgan MK III

GTG MicroOrgan MK III is an updated version of MK II version, with:

  • Added percussion decay
  • Added A/B switch
  • Improved key click with key-off function
  • Vibrato in 3 drawbar regions

You can download both freeware plugins from GTG Synths.