Puremagnetik RackPak for Ableton Live 6

Puremagnetik has released RackPak for Ableton Live 6, an advanced and sophisticated collection of Ableton Live Racks for multipurpose production and performance tasks.


  • Over 100 Advanced Effects Racks
  • Channel Strips: Multiband Compressors, “Vintage” Style Mastering Processors, Voice, Guitar and Drum Channels, Tonal and Mix Controls
  • DJ & Live PA: Beat Choppers, DJ Channels and Compressors, On-The-Fly Tonal Controls, Complex EQ & Filter Channels
  • Glitch Racks: 11 Advanced Racks for Dissecting Beats in Real-Time
  • Crush & Destroy: Guitar Cabinet Effects, Distortion Menus, Overdrive and Bit Reduction Racks, Lo-Fi & “Vintage” Effects
  • Crazy Modulators: Bizarre & Outlandish Audio Processors, Complex Time-Based Effect Racks
  • Space Racks: Huge Selection of Space Effects, Reverb & Chorus Menus, Spectral Delays, Choruses and Phasers, Plate Reverb Models, Space and Room Emulations

Puremagnetik is a subscription based sound content service, monthly publishing high quality Micropaks.

To download the RackPak you’ll need to subscribe to Puremagnetik (starting from $5.75 USD per month, which gets you the current Mikropaks including the RackPak).

Visit Puremagnetik for more information.