GTG Synths has released GTG WS 2, a freeware hybrid synthesizer VST plug-in for Windows PC.

GTG WS 2 features

  • Phase Modulation Oscillators – The Modulator ( Osc 2 ) can be sent directly to the filter by means of the Osc 2 Mix knob. The Modulated signal is sent to the Waveshaper.
  • Modulation Envelope – Controls the Phase Modulation. The Joystick Controller sets the amount of modulation (x) and the filter frequency (Y).
  • Tempo Sync LFO – Controls the modulation of the filter as well as the Phase Modulation. This LFO will only have effect on the Phase Modulation during the Decay time, unless the Sustain level is above zero. The speed of the LFO is set with the Division control.
  • MIDI control for Chorus Depth, Cut off, Resonance, Joystick X, Joystick Y, and Vibrato depth.

Visit GTG Synths for more information and a link to download GTG WS 2.