Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive Guitarist Tools Bundle which offers over 60% off on a collection of plugins and sounds geared towards guitarists.

From bedroom guitarists to stadium filling rockstars, the Guitarist Tools Bundle has everything the modern guitarist needs to deconstruct and learn guitar parts, produce great tones, and fill out the band with rhythmic accompaniment.

The bundle includes the following products:

  • deCoda by zplane is the perfect tool for those looking to detect the key, the tempo, and chords as well as identify the verse, chorus, and other sections of any track. Ideal for figuring out how to play your favorite songs, or to use the chords and melodies as inspiration for your own tracks.
  • Electrum Core by United Plugins contains amazing amp and cab simulations combined with an array of innovative effects, making it a quintessential tool for attaining a professional quality tone quickly.
  • Pop Session Drums by Organic Loops is just the ticket for adding professionally produced drum tracks to your music. Whether using the loops to construct rhythmic sections for a song or looping a beat so that you can freestyle and riff over it for inspiration, you will have over 130 drum loops to choose from, ensuring that there is always a perfect beat for what you are trying to accomplish.

The Guitarist Tools Bundle is on sale for £39.95 GBP / $49 USD until October 2nd, 2022.

More information: Plugin Boutique