As the new year settles in I want to take the time to wish you all the best for 2020.

2019 has been a good year here at Rekkerd. I’ve managed to get over 4,700 news posts out, do some giveaways/contests and reviews, and list countless deals. I want to thank you for visiting, commenting and writing in, and all your support which encourages me to keep going. And a special thanks goes out to my patrons for helping me financially.

This will be the first full year that all four of my children will be in school during the day. Hopefully that will open up some time to do more reviews and make music as most days I’ve been too tired to do anything much after work and long days with the kids. For this new year I’ve set myself the goal to spend more time in the fun stuff department.

I hope your 2020 will be full of health, love, inspiration and beautiful music!